Our skill is our story...

It is the possibility of choices we make that make us who we are. My choice to work with Florentine Artisans makes my creative journey uniquely interesting. Every choice made at each step of the creative process for me is what ultimately designs my product and transforms it into a collection.

To collect is to treasure. My meticulously hand crafted bags are objects of desire and not merely “another clutch bag”.

Following a creative tradition in my bag making is key to the end result contributing to its bespoke quality. Each piece is expertly crafted by hand, lending to its distinctive look to carry you from day into evening.

Working from a workshop in Florence is a different experience. Being in the heart of creative tradition and working with family trained artisans who “feel” beauty and not just touch it when creating something, is altogether unique.
This sense of “mood” carries through in the weave of each of my handmade handbags.

My passion for Artisanal work continues, with my expansion into “Lifestyle At Home” Introducing a beautiful line of Tableware, Handcrafted in England and Italy.