Samia Kamar bespoke bags are “fatte a mano” handmade by skilled artisans in Florence – Italy, where traditional production methods are still used to create sublimely crafted objects of desire.

In a family owned workshop where tradition and skills are handed down over time to generations, the artisan’s hand carefully selects the materials, and constructs a bag to perfection.

Custom made materials are responsibly sourced from a certified leading italian tannery, where production adapts age old tradition with the latest in technology. Exclusive leathers such as specialised laser – cut hair-calf, are unique and produced to old florentine lace designs. Custom ordered exotic reptile skins as python and lizard are completely handmade. These artistic creations are each hand painted, with colours that are mixed with paintbrushes and pads, blending to form a vibrant palette.

Only the highest quality products are used to create these precious collectors pieces, giving them a sensuality and timeless luxury.

“Creare richiede tempo e sapere”
To create requires both time and skill

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