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creative director, SAMIA KAMAR

A girl can never have too many handbags. Beautiful handbags complete an outfit; exquisite handbags can be an outfit in themselves.

London based designer Samia Kamar creates bespoke, Limited Edition evening bags, made in Florence, Italy.

Samia’s collection is elegant and feminine with individual flair and an uncompromising luxurious appeal. The collection consists of Box Clutch bags in hand-dyed exotic skins and laser cut leathers. Each expertly hand-crafted piece has a distinctive look, designed to take you from day to evening and made combining the finest materials and techniques from the reputed artisans of Florence Italy. The coupling of Samia’s notable design aesthetic with her meticulous eye for detail are key elements in the signature style of her collections.

The collections are inspired by the history and aesthetic beauty of Florence, Italy.

A traditional approach and skill of the artisans is incorporated at every stage of making the bag, for the Samia Kamar Bespoke label.

These unique customised pieces are perfect for any elegant occasion.